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We offer 4 twin (double) rooms with a possibility of extra bed upon request. Double beds available upon request.

All rooms are equipped with TV, hairdryer, fridge, fan.

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Privacy Policy

We are very much concerned about keeping your privacy. We have developed our privacy policy, which shows how we keep and use your information. Please, be informed about our privacy rules and let us know if you have any questions.

Speaking about personal information we mean data, which may be used for identification a certain person or for contacting him.

You can be asked to provide personal data at any moment when you contact us.

We can collect and use this data.

When you make your application on our website, we can pick up information about your first name, family name, patronymic, phone number, e-mail etc.

From time to time we may use your personal data to send you important notifications, key information, report about unique suggestions and let you know about current events etc.

We can also use your personal data for our own purposes such as internal auditor check and analysis to improve our services and inform on them.

We don’t reveal your personal data to the third party.


If it’s necessary we can use and reveal your personal data according to the law, by court order, in court procedures and/or in accordance with public requests or requests of state institutions. We can also reveal your personal data if we are convinced that it is necessary for public order, security etc.

In case of restructuring or selling of our juridical body, we may provide this personal data to the corresponding successor.

We are trying to do our best to protect your personal data including administrative and technical information from any loss and unfair use. Moreover, from disclosure, alteration and destruction.

We bring the rules of privacy and security to the attention of our employees and strictly enforce all the rules of privacy policy.